House rules

By using this domain you will be under these terms and conditions.

All clients must be of legal age depending on the jurisdiction of their country.

The customer is responsible for the payment terms and withdrawal process at all times.

Any customer data will be treated as confidential and no information will be sold.

All regulations are subject to change without prior notice.

In our wide variety of events VIPSPORTSBOOK limits the amounts of action depending on the given event. We also give you the freedom to increase or limit any forecast of our accounts or the same accounts at any time.

VIPSPORTSBOOK is limited to cancel any account at any time and all that is pending will be canceled immediately.

The client will be responsible for not giving the information to third parties. Any transaction deposited in our account will be accepted.

The rules of all forecasts are subject to the official rules of las vegas.

If there is any hacking test the forecast will be canceled.

Any material produced and distributed by VIPSPORTSBOOK will be prohibited without authorization of VIPSPORTSBOOK.

VIP SPORTSBOOK will not pay line errors in the forecasts. Any play with bad line will be canceled.

The client will have to keep in mind his legality in the area where he puts the forecasts.

Any deposit in cryptocurrencies will be canceled in the same way.

To place bets, move lines or make any other adjustment via telephone or internet, you must provide your password and corresponding user to the account.

VIP SPORTBOOK holds each user responsible for the handling and confidentiality of their start data, any movement generated by third parties with the correct start data will be received without inconvenience.

We provide high quality services which for customer safety and resolution of possible misunderstandings, will record all incoming calls to obtain a backup. Any claim will have a period of 7 days to raise it, if it does not do so within that period, no claim can be made.

VIP SPORTSBOOK is governed by the Las Vegas regulations for suspended games, continuous games and change of decisions.

The customer will be responsible for any forecast that is duplicated or lost bets. Be sure to confirm the forecast on the website.

Each forecast will be classified once the event is over.

A forecast can be canceled if it was entered in a time of 10 min.

All events have to be played at the time and dates specified.

No bet on futures will be taken into account for the rollover.

If a customer is on the phone and the bet is not confirmed, it will be the client's responsibility to call back and enter the forecast.

All read back of our clerks will have to be confirmed with username and password.

In horses they will be given a post time that will be used to confirm the play and the post time will have to be equal to or less than the off time given on the site. Times are not negotiable and are final. Playing horses does not count as a rollover.

Any error in any account deposit will be voided unless vip sportsbook does not notify otherwise.

If the customer decides not to get any bonus, management has the right to adjust any limits.

Deposit limits

Minimum Deposit - $ 100
Maximum Deposit - $ 10,000

Online forecast limits

Minimum Forecast - $ 10
Maximum Forecast - $ 1000
Minimum bet in Parlays Teasers and Futures = $ 10
Maximum bet of Parlays and Teasers = $ 300
Maximum futures = $ 500

Limits of forecasts by telephones

Minimum Forecast - $ 25
Maximum Forecast - $ 1000
Minimum bet in Parlays Teasers and Futures = $ 50
Maximum bet of Parlays and Teasers = $ 300
Maximum futures = $ 500