Frequently Asked Questions

1What is the minimum amount required to place a bet?
The minimum online bet is $ 5.00. By phone, bets require a minimum of $ 25 per call.
2I forgot my username and password, how can I recover them?
Contact our customer service department by calling our toll-free number 8888-888 or through our live chat service. We will not send password information by email for security reasons.
3How do I deposit the money in my vip account?
We offer a wide variety of methods to deposit funds into your online gambling account. For a complete list and a description of deposit methods, see our payment policy.
4My personal information is secure?
At VIP Sportsbook, we work hard every day to guarantee the integrity and security of our clients' personal information. We constantly invest in security technologies, as advanced as possible, to structure a reinforcement of security that provides peace of mind to our users.  Our clients can trust that any transaction they make online, as well as their personal data, will be completely confidential. Account Security: VIP Sportsbook, constantly keeps records available on request for each transaction that may be required by our customers and bet made within a maximum period of 90 days. Any request for information can be sent to Information for members: VIP Sportsbook does not process, store or store any personal information that does not belong to the sole purpose of providing quality services to our members. Protecting all personal information in a precise and complete format is an important part of our premises in the company, and we will never use it for any other purpose without your prior consent.
5Is there any restriction for gamble online with
VIP is fully licensed by the Government of Costa Rica, which qualifies VIP Sportsbook with permission to accept bets over the internet and by phone. If you wish to determine or confirm legality in online gambling, which VIP Sportsbook offers in your jurisdiction, you should consult local government authorities or a qualified attorney. In the event that a bad or inverted line is found, the bet will be considered "No Action", and the user's account and / or profile will be credited accordingly. We guarantee that our administration department, in that case, will try to contact the client before the game time by email, with the purpose of confirming information or the respective notice. If the customer does not have email or the registered email address is no longer valid, the member's password will be removed until the customer contacts us. If the work guarantees immediate contact, the administration will try to communicate with the client by telephone. Attempts to take advantage of an obvious error or a past publication in any action will not be accepted.
6Do I have to pay taxes on my earnings?
VIP Sportsbook warrants that it does not provide or provide any details regarding your VIP Sportsbook account to any third party. In our company we leave completely to the jurisdiction of the client, to declare gains or losses to the corresponding authorities in his fiscal jurisdiction.
7How can I change or cancel bets?
Customers can not cancel or change any bets once they are online.
8Do you have an affiliate program and how does it work?
If we have, once you have registered with VIP Sportsbook, we will provide tracking codes. Any sale you make through these links will be recorded in your account and you will be paid accordingly.
9Do you have any cost to join?
No, it is absolutely free to join the affiliate program.
10How do I join?
In the home, on the registration page. There you will find the registration form that you must complete and send to register for the program. It will win depending on the number of people you refer and how much you lose. The income depends on the net losses of the players or their first deposit.
11What happens if I have a different question from the previous ones?
For any questions or questions (software, promotions, banking, etc.), we suggest you contact our customer service department at 8888-8888. For any questions about the affiliate program, it is suggested that you send us an email to