Straight bets are the easiest way to play, no points are complicated, or Handicap or any type of complicated tool. In Soccer / Soccer, there is usually the option of playing also a draw, so the options would be: Team Visit, Local Team and Draw. Other sports options such as basketball or football, you only have to choose the winner of the game. This style of forecasts is generally known in English as "Money Line Bet".

Example in Soccer (3 options):
- Palms +600 in American style
- Real Madrid -167 in American style
- Draw +200 in American style
- If you play in Las Palmas, play 100 to win 600
- If you play at Real Madrid, play 167 to win 100
If you play the tie, 100 for 200.


Also known as parlay, it is basically a selection of more than 2 teams, in no particular order.
All the selections that were made must win. The more selections are chosen, the greater the amount to be earned.
This amount is calculated using a mathematical formula using the quotas / prices of each of the selections.

Example: Combined of 3 teams:
- Las Palmas +600 in American style
- Olympique lyonnais +300 in American style
- Inter Milano 181 in American style
For 3 selections, in case there is a draw or one of the selections is canceled, the play becomes a combined 2 teams (next lower level), except in a combined play of 2 selections in which it is passed to a direct play.


What is done is to combine 2 to 7 Handicap selections, either basketball or American football.
To these chosen selections, the line will be adjusted in favor of the client, who can choose from the Teaser menu about how many points he wants to have in favor and how many selections the play will have.
In the teasers only matching forecasts are accepted, teasers are not sold with the totals or more or less.
In a Teaser, all individual selections must be winners so that the overall forecast turns out to be the winner.

Example: Team Teaser with 5 points
- Lakers +4, +5 pts = line in Teaser +9
- Knicks -3, +5 pts = line in Teaser +2
The price of a Teaser varies depending on the number of points and the sport to which the selections belong.
A tie in any of the selections turns the whole play into a draw.

If Bets

A conditioned play consists of two direct or combined plays that depend directly on the result of themselves. That is, the first has to win so that the second one is given.

Examples: 2 direct plays

Play # 1
Cleveland Browns -5-110 110 to win 100
Condition: In this case, if the Cleveland Browns play is winning, draws, or simply cancels

Play # 2
San Diego Chargers + 3-110 110 to win 100.
The condition in this case is led by move # 1 where if it loses, the play completes terina and the player loses $ 110.

The player can also win the first, but lose the second, where the loss of the second would be 110, without affecting the gains of the first. You can win you loved for a combined total of $ 200 in winnings.

Conditioned Reverse

Works in the following way: A has to be given for B to exist, and the reverse version would be that B wins for A to be. They are two conditioned plays in one.

Open Bets

Open bets are a type of game that allows players to make a combined bet and at the same time complete selections at different times, including the opportunity to complete selections in ranges of different days.

Cowboys -8
Dolphins -14
- There are no open bets in teasers.
- Combined bets open only online.
- Maximum of 2 open positions per combined.
- Any open bet without filling / pending for more than 90 days will be classified as losing.
- All bets are final. Once an open position is filled, the selection can not be modified.